The interesting offspring of the two commonest walnuts, J.Nigra and J.Regia, the American Black Walnut and the English Walnut.

As the name suggests the tree is an intermediate form between the two species. It bears only incidentally but is noteworthy for its attractive leaves and enormous vigour.

It is late leafing and grows rapidly through a short season from June to November. In suitable conditions Internedia can grow at twice the rate of the English Walnut. Has a tiny pink flower.

Other Varieties:


Broadview, Buccaneer, Hansen, Lara, Metcalfe, Number 16, Plovdivski, Proslavski, Rita, Red Danube, Soleze


Axel, Buccaneer, Coenen, Number 16, Major, Plovdivski, Proslavski


Abbotbad, Bixbyi, Cathayensis, Cinerea, Hansen, Lu Guang, Major, Mandschurica, Microcarpa, Nigra Emma K, Nigra Laciniata, Nigra Leopold, Paradox, Pendula, Pedro, Purpurea, Red Danube, Regia Laciniata, Sinensis, Ssang Sung, Tremlett's Giant, Zhong Lin