A French variety, Lara does only moderately well in the UK. In France it is often to be seen trained in a cordon - a technique much used there but which for some reason doesn't travel well. Like Mayette, another French variety, Lara is very susceptible to walnut blight.

Other Varieties:


Broadview, Buccaneer, Hansen, Metcalfe, Number 16, Plovdivski, Proslavski, Rita, Red Danube, Soleze


Axel, Buccaneer, Coenen, Number 16, Major, Plovdivski, Proslavski


Abbotbad, Bixbyi, Cathayensis, Cinerea, Hansen, Intermedia, Lu Guang, Major, Mandschurica, Microcarpa, Nigra Emma K, Nigra Laciniata, Nigra Leopold, Paradox, Pendula, Pedro, Purpurea, Red Danube, Regia Laciniata, Sinensis, Ssang Sung, Tremlett's Giant, Zhong Lin