The Texan or shrubby walnut. May grow quite fast but reaches a maximum height of little more than 6 or 7 metres.

Delicate leaves made up of 23 leaflets - 11 opposed pairs plus the terminal leaflet.

Other Varieties:


Broadview, Buccaneer, Hansen, Lara, Metcalfe, Number 16, Plovdivski, Proslavski, Rita, Red Danube, Soleze


Axel, Buccaneer, Coenen, Number 16, Major, Plovdivski, Proslavski


Abbotbad, Bixbyi, Cathayensis, Cinerea, Hansen, Intermedia, Lu Guang, Major, Mandschurica, Nigra Emma K, Nigra Laciniata, Nigra Leopold, Paradox, Pendula, Pedro, Purpurea, Red Danube, Regia Laciniata, Sinensis, Ssang Sung, Tremlett's Giant, Zhong Lin

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