Nigra Laciniata

An unusual and rare from of the black walnut. J. Nigra Laciniata has a much more feathery-looking foliage than the J. Regia Laciniata, due to the increased number of leaflets.

This cut-leafed form looks extremely light and lacy. One for the connoisseur.

Like all Nigra varieties, this is a powerful grower which will mature into a large and imposing tree.


Young N. Laciniata
A four year old Nigra Laciniata

Other Varieties:


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Axel, Buccaneer, Coenen, Number 16, Major, Plovdivski, Proslavski


Abbotbad, Bixbyi, Cathayensis, Cinerea, Hansen, Intermedia, Lu Guang, Major, Mandschurica, Microcarpa, Nigra Emma K, Nigra Leopold, Paradox, Pendula, Pedro, Purpurea, Red Danube, Regia Laciniata, Sinensis, Ssang Sung, Tremlett's Giant, Zhong Lin