Other uses for Walnuts

Besides being a fine food, and of course a beautiful wood for furniture, dashboards and even gunstocks Walnuts have found uses in some surprising places.

Walnuts shells are a specialist medium for polishing

Most parts of the Walnut tree give dyes: bark, husk, leaf and shell all find employment. Like vegetable dyes in general, Walnut gives a soft, variable colour to the fabric.


Walnut wood has very desirable qualities both in its physical strength and resilience and in its appearance. The characteristic pattern or 'figure' makes it a widely used veneer, and burr Walnut in particular is sought after by connoisseurs.


Grit blasting, barrel polishing and fine rouge work all have a place for Walnut shell in various grades. Wherever a slightly gentler medium is needed, Walnut is in demand.


From carpets in Pakistan to delicate clothing in China and basket weaving in the US, makers have found the gentle colours of Walnut dyes very appealing..

Dietary guidelines recommend consuming 30 g of nuts per day to reduce the risk of chronic disease - download PDF.