Walnut as an Abrasive

Crushed walnut shell is a hard fibrous material used as a soft abrasive in many industries. It is widely used to polish and clean materials such as metal, glass, and plastics. It can be used on fragile parts of machinery without etching, scratching, or marking the cleaned areas. It can also be used for a fine polish for jewelry, watches, golf clubs, etc.

Some of the benefits of soft grit abrasives such as Walnut, according to the industry, are:

Among the major industrial applications are:

Other uses include:

You can make your own walnut shell polish by finely crushing it in a grinder and sifting the shell "powder". Collect the fine powder sifted through a tea strainer or flour sifter and mix with soft beeswax or soap. Use this homemade polish on jewelry or other metal pieces. Experiment with the fineness of the powdered walnut shell and the amount mixed with the wax or soap.