The cut-leafed from of the English walnut. Usually makes a small or medium-sized tree characterised by its fine, leathery-looking foliage.
Leaflets are more numerous, thin and deeply incised compared to the typical English walnut.
A decorative but non-fruitful type which is rare in private gardens and only occasionally found in arboreta and collections.

Regia Laciniata Leaf
Laciniata leaves

Other Varieties:


Broadview, Buccaneer, Hansen, Lara, Metcalfe, Number 16, Plovdivski, Proslavski, Rita, Red Danube, Soleze


Axel, Buccaneer, Coenen, Number 16, Major, Plovdivski, Proslavski


Abbotbad, Bixbyi, Cathayensis, Cinerea, Hansen, Intermedia, Lu Guang, Major, Mandschurica, Microcarpa, Nigra Emma K, Nigra Laciniata, Nigra Leopold, Paradox, Pendula, Pedro, Purpurea, Red Danube, Sinensis, Ssang Sung, Tremlett's Giant, Zhong Lin